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642 I’m flying, I’m flying….

Your worst experience on an airplane I flew once when I was a kid – down to Florida.  I actually don’t really remember it.  So the first time I flew as an adult was my worst experience. The company I … Continue reading

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Fear of the Unknown Future

What are you afraid of?  Up until about a year ago I was only afraid of one thing.  It’s a really silly thing too.  I’m not even sure I am afraid of it anymore.  I know, I know you are … Continue reading

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642 Halfsies

How the other half lives: Once upon a time there was a kingdom of people called the Half.  They were a very happy kingdom.  The Half’s had fields and flowers.  They worked hard, but they liked it so much it … Continue reading

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The Freedom of…

Choice We have many freedoms in America, but it seems we are losing our freedom of choice. I never realized how important freedom of choice was until one day I felt like I didn’t have it anymore.  It didn’t happen … Continue reading

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Silly Songs 2

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work we go No work, no play We fight all day Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi HO That’s how I used to feel.  I’d go to work, work hard, but either end up … Continue reading

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