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Obadiah (Part 2)

Who: Obadiah wrote it – but that’s about all we know about him It was written about Edom – the descendants of Esau It was written for Israel – to encourage them that their enemies would be punished for their … Continue reading

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I wonder how many people out there would be interested in doing a Bible Study?  As in study the Bible – not a book about the Bible?  I think more people than I realize are interested.  But where do they … Continue reading

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When is it okay to be angry?  Growing up I was always told: ‘Don’t be angry!’.  I kind of thought the person telling me was a hypocrite because he was usually angry.  Not just when he was telling me not … Continue reading

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Come, worship

In my daily reading (which I am almost up-to-date on 🙂 ) I came across this set of verses. 6 And there were certain men who were unclean through touching a dead body, so that they could not keep the Passover on … Continue reading

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642 Despise

Think of a person you despise.  Now describe all the wonderful things about that person. I don’t despise anyone and there is only one person who comes to mind that I do not like.  So I will go with that … Continue reading

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