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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

As I glanced out BP’s bedroom window I saw: Some poor guy lost his tail on our garage roof. #postaday#  

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture


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Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Hp and I were married on a sunny spring day… It had been a weekend full of family and friends. Married on a Sunday we were leaving for our honeymoon at 3:30 AM the very next morning. Both of us … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

When I first bought my condo, the walls were a little empty. As in ab-so-lute-ly nothing was on the walls. Well, except for my diploma. When my brother, an artist, came over to see what I had done with the … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Earworm

A few weeks (months?) ago my cousin, PLH, asked what song we sang, while in our car, at the top of our lungs.  She received many random answers, but mine… Mine was: Jesus Saves.  Half of you probably have never … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UP


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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Pick Me) Up(s)


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Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

I don’t usually answer calls that are from unknown numbers.  On this particular day I did.  It was Carlos.  (I don’t know a Carlos.)  He wanted to know if I was still looking to buy a car? No, no in fact I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Sunset in New York Sunset In California Sunset in California #postaday#

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Daily Prompt: Press It

Blog number 1 post that I have read in the last week: Pinterest Let’s just say this post was awesome.  In fact it was so awesome I read it out loud to HP and he laughed.  I even thought about … Continue reading

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