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Dear Mr. President,

While I am not a big fan of yours, I do try to respect the fact that you are the leader of our country.  I have noticed lately the news, and some writers, have been trying to defame your name.  … Continue reading

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Serious Sunday

I have no desire to be heretical, take things out of context, or yada, yada, yada.  But something caught my eye today while I was reading.  

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Wed – News – Day

Every Sunday I read the newspaper and typically get annoyed/angry at what I read. Here are a few examples from this week (with a few blog readings thrown in too). 1.) A woman is going to have her baby taken … Continue reading

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Control or Choice?

HP asked me the other night why if God is in control He lets people in other countries starve while we in America are fighting obesity? The best I could come up with (on the spot) was: God is in … Continue reading

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The Freedom of…

Choice We have many freedoms in America, but it seems we are losing our freedom of choice. I never realized how important freedom of choice was until one day I felt like I didn’t have it anymore.  It didn’t happen … Continue reading

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Pollyanna in Politics

**I have read some political rants on Facebook lately, therefore this post is ‘old’ but still necessary. I don’t have too much to say in the area of politics. I will say this: as I listen to my Mom’s TV, … Continue reading

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