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Seasonal Produce Sorted by Color – Fall

Hello Everyone, I’ve been writing in (in my head) about our food journey and someday will put it down here on ‘paper’.  For now I would like to share my Produce list.  Very few diet plans (ways of eating) eliminate … Continue reading

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Love People, Not Things

I’m not really sure what I want to say here.  I started this post a few days ago and saved it as a draft, yet it did not save.  So I am starting over. Once upon a time HPs M … Continue reading

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Discussion in the car HP: BP, we can have cake after G goes down for her nap.  G can’t have cake and it is mean to eat cake in front of her when she can’t have it.  *G is 60 … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake

A conversation with BP a few nights ago: WP: Would you like a snack before bed?BP: (Silence) WP: Are you hungry? BP: (Silence) WP: Would you like oatmeal or Cheerios? BP: CAKE! *That wasn’t an option…

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My Fitness Pal

HP is trying to lose some weight. Someone at work introduced him to the My Fitness Pal app. After trying it for a day he knew I would like it. I have used it for a couple of days and … Continue reading

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I bet Mom won’t find these Cheerios here…

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Hey, hey, hey It’s Thursday! THANKFUL Thursday… I’m thankful for HP, BP, flowers, little maple trees, laughter, and food. Mmmmm What are you thankful for?

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Tonight is the night of my first Lock-In as an adult.  Before anyone thinks I am doing something illegal… It’s a teen activity at our church.  Basically – we stay up all night.  I have no idea where the name … Continue reading

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Hairy Scary Eyeball

LOL!  Today’s daily prompt is: Feed Your Senses Pretty much what is the first thing you ‘sensed’ this morning.  I laugh because HP has a LARGE collection of pictures of my eyeball.  NO.ONE needs to see that first thing this … Continue reading

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Let Me Outa Here

The pizza dough was trying to escape!

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