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Rantings (1 of ?)

Dear Toy Companies, When you make a toy, please keep the colors in order.  For example; BP has a puzzle with a number of different colors. The pieces go in this order: purple, red, blue, green yellow, green, blue, purple, … Continue reading

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Brown Eyed Girl

or Blue, or Green, or Hazel. The point is – do you know the color of eyes of the person you were last speaking face-to-face with?  I do: Brown.  Okay, that was easy because both HP and BP have brown … Continue reading

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To post or not to post

I went to the post office today to mail 1 (one) envelope.  Yes, I know it is 13 days before Christmas, but it shouldn’t be THAT bad in there mid-morning, right?  Wrong! 1 clerk, a line to the door, and … Continue reading

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