The Library Can Be A Scary Place

A few weeks ago I brought BP to the library for the first time in a long while.  She seemed to enjoy it.  We looked around and around and around in the children’s section.

That night she seemed fine and went to bed quite easily.  But then she woke up screaming at midnight: ‘MUMMA, I can’t choose.  There are too many books!!!’.

A week or so later I took her again to the library.  We took in a smaller section of the children’s area…

At midnight I once again awoke to screams: ‘MUMMA, help me choose.  There are too many books.

I gave it a few weeks before I brought her back to the library.  We literally went in, picked up the books I had on hold, and we left.

Once again the screams about too many books happened in the middle of the night.

Apparently the library is NOT a fun place for my poor child to visit. 😦

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Lent 2015

I noticed a friend was doing 40 bags in 40 days. HP also decided to do his own Lent thing. It got me to thinking about what I should ‘give up’ for Lent. I thought Facebook, but wasn’t so sure that was ‘the thing’ for me.

Mine ended up being – give up wasted time on technology. I.E. No more mindless surfing the web because I don’t know what else to do with my free five minutes…

But, I also liked the idea of 40 bags in 40 days.

So – I started with BP’s toys. She is a pack rat. I have no idea how many pieces of junk mail I found in her toy room in this process… I ended up with 5 give away bags and 1 throw away bag.

I then moved on to: The kitchen. I started with the spice cabinet. I threw out spices that had expired months (years ago), and wrote down to repurchase only the ones I actually use now.
I cleaned the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Really not much to clean out there seeing as I do keep a ‘tight ship’ in those areas.
I ditched some mugs we never.ever.use. Some other things (pizza cutter that had never even been opened??).

Today I realized I finally had enough bananas to make banana bread. I set out to make it and laughed when the recipe called for NUTMEG. Yep, you guessed it. I had tossed it due to it’s (extremely old) age. Eh, I made the banana bread anyway… Here’s to hoping it comes out well. 😉

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Spring Has Arrived!

Inside, at least.


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Radical Challenge 2015

In 2011 a friend recommended a book for me to read: Radical by David Platt.  I purchased the book and started reading it.  I may have gotten through the second chapter.  Probably not.  I truly believe some books we are ready for while others we are not.  I was not ready for this book in 2011.

I still may not be.

I finished reading Radical a couple of weeks ago and decided to do the challenge laid out in chapter 9.

The challenge is:
For one year:
1. Pray for the entire world
2. Read through the entire Bible
3. Sacrifice your money for a specific purpose
4. Spend your time in another context
5. Commit your life to a multiplying community

I presented this challenge to some family and friends and they are completing the challenge with me.

I have found it very interesting how the Bible speaking about – we can’t all be hands or feet or the head – is showing through in this challenge.

A few people have said: I’ll do all but #2.  Or all but #…  Oddly enough, when I first considered doing this challenge I said I’ll do all but #3 and #4.  Yet some of my family said – oh #3 and #4 are easy, I’ll do those.

Some really are the hands and some really are the feet.

I had no idea how #3 would play out for me.  I thought of this plan and that plan, but I had not come up with any solid ideas.

But then this… this is how #3 is starting for me:

Yesterday I went to the grocery store.  2 of them.  I didn’t worry about how I would pay.  Truly – I didn’t even think about it.  On my way to store #2, I saw a man holding a sign:

I will work for food.  I have 2 kids.

My heart breaks every time I see someone holding one of those signs.  But then the cold side of my heart starts saying things like:

1. Are they just scam artists?
2. Why don’t they just get a job?
3. Do they really have kids?
4. I don’t have any work for them to do – I can’t help them.
5. What are they going to spend the money on? Alcohol? cigarettes?
6. Will I be in danger if I try to give them something?
7. Will BP be in danger?

and the list goes on and on.

But yesterday… I forgot all about the man as I did my shopping.  We left the store and I passed him again on the way home.  No one was helping him.  BP started asking for nummies (M&Ms).  I kept thinking about how to help the man.  We drove home.

All the way home.

BP asked again for nummies and I agree to go back to the store.  Driving there I told myself if I saw the man again I would buy a grocery store gift card and give it to him.

He was still there.

BP and I went in, we found her nummies, I found a gift card and all those questions and fears crept back into my head.

We left the store, I timed the light just right and I was able to give the man the gift card.
I felt nothing.  I was expecting this rush of YAY, I did it.  Or Boo – I just wasted X amount of dollars.  But I felt nothing.  No emotion at all.  It was weird.  I’m glad I helped him, but to feel nothing was odd.

I thought about it last night, I thought about it today – and then I realized.  I felt nothing because to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit should not be some big pinnacle point.  It should be usual.  Something we do on a daily basis.  To obey should be normal.

I felt nothing because it shouldn’t be a plateau moment either.  It shouldn’t be a: oh, crap I gave money away… What am I going to do now – moment.  It should be normal to give.  It should be normal to help.  We SHOULD have no emotional attachment to our money.  We should give freely in obedience to the Holy Spirit’s leading.  But it isn’t normal.  Maybe I don’t want to be normal, maybe I want to be obedient.

Maybe this Radical Challenge thing isn’t so much about big moments in our life this year, but little every day moments that mean we are obeying and following what God has told us to do.

1 Corinthians 12:20-22
Matthew 25:35-40
James 1:27

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A Great Way to End The Year

Today’s conversation with BP right after nap time:

BP: It’s pillowtalk time
WP: Okay, what do you want to talk about?
BP: Jesus

Aw, I love this kid so much!

Happy New Year everyone!

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Love People, Not Things

I’m not really sure what I want to say here.  I started this post a few days ago and saved it as a draft, yet it did not save.  So I am starting over.

Once upon a time HPs M came to visit.  BP was very sad when she had to leave.  I don’t like to see BP sad so I tried to comfort her by distracting her.  Then came the very wise advice by HP…

I want her to love people, not things.

Yes, yes we do.  Why do we try to distract children with things/food when they are missing a person?  Wouldn’t we rather they care more about the person then whatever we are using to try to distract them?

It’s that time of year again: Christmas.  Some people love it, some people hate it, some people ignore it all together.  But commercially it’s a ‘big’ time of year.  The ole: what do we get for… is sure to be coming out of the mouths of a number of people in a number of households right now.

Let’s step back a minute.  Forget all the giving, all the getting, all the unnecessary stress.  Let’s love people – not things.

How can you show people you love them at this very special time of year?

A wonderful example is in the prep work stage right now.  And when I say prep work I mean right in the kitchen.  So literally prep work.

J&S are spending their Christmas giving the staff of a halfway house the day off.  J&S are sending the staff away for the day and are taking care of cooking the traditional Christmas dinner for 20 people they may or may not have met before.  They are going to handle all needs, all crisis, all questions that come up for the whole day.

So that people who may never get a day off can have a day off.

J&S are loving people – not things this year.  They are giving their time, money, and talent to people who give their time, money and talents to other people every day all day long.

I’m not sure J&Ss kids are going to get physical presents this year, but I do know they will have a wonderful experience of serving (loving) others and not focusing on things.

Let’s make it a point to love people – not things – today and all the other days of the year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Saturn & The Moon



The Daily Post/Photo Challenge 

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The Story

Recently I started telling BP THE story.  If I try to tell her a different one she says: No, sin story.  Here is what I typically tell her.

Once upon a time there was: Nothing.  Except God.  Because He always was, always is, and always will be.  He decided to create the earth – and the sun – and the moon – and the stars – and the grass – and the trees – and the flowers…
One day, He created Adam.  Later He had Adam fall asleep and He took one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve.  They had a wonderful relationship with God.
But one day Eve did something wrong.  She sinned.  She ate something God told her not to.  Adam sinned too.  Because of this sin they no longer had a relationship with God. And because of our sin we don’t have a right relationship with God either.
God didn’t like that, so He sent His Son to die on the cross for our sin.  Jesus (God’s Son) was buried and 3 days later he rose again.
Because Jesus did this we can have a right relationship with God.

*The story usually goes like that.  Sometimes I ask questions and she fills in the blanks.

Last night we went through the story and that was that.  Until a few minutes later…

BP: *Puts purse on her shoulder and says – Bye, I’m going.
HP: Where are you going?
BP: To the store.
HP: What store?
BP: Names a local store.
HP: What do we need at the store?
BP: Food, for Adam, so he don’t sin no more.

Well, that should solve that problem. 😉

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The Three Legged Zebra

BP is playing in her bedroom today.  She played very happily for several minutes until she begged to play with the decorative Noah’s Ark we have had for 3ish years. (BP is only 2)

First – I would like to know who gives a child a decorative Noah’s Ark set and expects it to ‘live’?  I know the answer, but I still shake my head….

Noah’s ark has been played with several times, and each time legs, heads, and other appendages have been lost.

Today BP was playing with the Zebra.  He lost his leg.  It’s a good thing the set comes with two of every animal.  As BP was working herself up – I suggested she find the other zebra and play with him.

BP found the other Zebra and I couldn’t help but laugh as we both realized – he only had 3 legs too.

Now they match. 😀

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You Only Turn 60 – 3Xs?

What – wait a minute?  Who turns 60 twice, never mind 3 times?  My Mother, yep – you heard me, my mother.

See, it’s like this: 2 years ago my mother lived with HP, BP, and me.  We went out to buy candles for her 59th birthday and couldn’t find a 5.  So we bought a 6 and a 0 and told her we were celebrating early. 😉

The following year (last year) Mother was very sick.  As in: how long will she live and should we give her a feeding tube sick?

It turns out that Mother was living with my SIL and neither one could figure out how old Mother was.  They celebrated Mother’s 60th birthday right before she was admitted to the hospital and then a rehabilitation center.

Mother fought all odds (as she has for the last 30+ years as she was given only 6 months to live in 1983), and has made it to yet another birthday.

Now mother is living with my other SIL, and SIL2 wants to celebrate her 60th birthday seeing as Mother didn’t really get to celebrate it last year.

Therefore you really can celebrate 60 – 3xs. 😀

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