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Said by a Naughty 6 Year Old

I left my listening ears at home.

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Out of Our Comfort Zone

Last year was a year different from any other. It started with: Once upon a time (in early January) HP came home from his usual Saturday morning meeting. He sat with me at the kitchen table and said, “Last year … Continue reading

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Seasonal Produce Sorted by Color – Fall

Hello Everyone, I’ve been writing in (in my head) about our food journey and someday will put it down here on ‘paper’.  For now I would like to share my Produce list.  Very few diet plans (ways of eating) eliminate … Continue reading

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5 A Day

Don’t worry: we ate plums and strawberries to get the other two colors in. *Do you think I can roast them too??

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Conversation overheard a few months ago

It went something like this -> BP: thanks for working hard for us, Dad HP: you are welcome.  I don’t work too hard. BP: no, you work FOUR hard! I love that kid!  Thanks for working four hard for us … Continue reading

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The Three Legged Zebra

BP is playing in her bedroom today.  She played very happily for several minutes until she begged to play with the decorative Noah’s Ark we have had for 3ish years. (BP is only 2) First – I would like to … Continue reading

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You Only Turn 60 – 3Xs?

What – wait a minute?  Who turns 60 twice, never mind 3 times?  My Mother, yep – you heard me, my mother. See, it’s like this: 2 years ago my mother lived with HP, BP, and me.  We went out … Continue reading

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Poll Question

What is the greatest luxury? I’ll give you some time to think about it, and then I’ll let you know what I think it is. Answers in the comments section are welcome. 😉

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Magnetic Chalkboard

HP recently painted a wall in our home with magnetic primer and then chalkboard paint. I’m not sure who is enjoying the board more: HP or BP… Pretty sure it is HP 😉

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Big Bird, Little Bird

I’m not a ‘nature’ person, but I do like taking pictures of it. I think the big bird is a robin, in my happy little mind, the little bird is a cardinal.

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