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Memories of Lent – Sort of

Lent. I don’t even really know what lent is all about.  So why are you writing a post about Lent, you ask?  Good question. I’m guessing Lent starts today… tomorrow… soon.  Here’s the thing: even though I don’t know what … Continue reading

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20+ Years

Yesterday I was reading (well, really listening to) Genesis 27 and following.  This chapter always makes me laugh.  Not because of why most people would think.  Here, let me show you what always catches me and tickles my funny bone. … Continue reading

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When Does a Child Become a Person?

I’ve noticed different parenting styles where the child seems more of a nuisance than a blessing.  We are not perfect in our parenting… Not by any means, but we recognize that BP is a person.  A person with feelings, opinions, … Continue reading

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Not Needed, Not Wanted

I started this post 12-13-13 and I am feeling it all over again. Do you ever feel not wanted? Or not needed? Or not wanted AND not needed?  It all started a few weeks ago.  Really, I take that back.  … Continue reading

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I’ve always felt weird asking for prayer.  Yeah, I can ask HP to pray about anything, and he does.  I do always wonder what other people deem ‘prayer request worthy’. For example: two friends requested prayers today for health related … Continue reading

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Have you ever played that game?  No.  Well stop reading – DuckDuckGo (I’m not a fan of ‘Google-ing’ things) that word and then come back and finish reading. OK.  Now that you know what the game is all about, here … Continue reading

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**Photo was not taken by me. #DailyPrompt#

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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

Two weeks ago we got homework from our class at church.  The homework: to find the answer to this question: How do we keep our eyes on Jesus? Two nights ago HP and I were talking about a couple that … Continue reading

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The Shadow or the Substance

Colossians 2:17 – – Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ. We had a discussion on Saturday about setting your sight on the Substance and not on the shadow. One of the comments … Continue reading

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Day 3: Again

I hit day 3 again today. Maybe not exactly, but the point is I hit ‘the hard day’ again. I always told people the third day of trying to break an addiction was the hardest. Not that I really knew … Continue reading

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