Out of Our Comfort Zone

Last year was a year different from any other. It started with:

Once upon a time (in early January) HP came home from his usual Saturday morning meeting. He sat with me at the kitchen table and said, “Last year was a year that I went out of my comfort zone. I asked myself ‘How can I get out of my comfort zone even more this year?’” He came to the conclusion that he should go on a short term missions trip. But, that wasn’t far enough out of his comfort zone for him. He looked at me and said, “I am sending You on a missions trip and I will stay home with BP.” Whoa, that is far out of our comfort zone!

But that is what we did. I went to Nicaragua (nicknamed pooparagua by BP because she was not thrilled that I was going). This was way out of my comfort zone. It turned out to be a great trip. I planted cucumbers under lime or lemon trees (I always thought they were lemon trees.  Turns out they may have been lime). I planted watermelon under papaya trees. I went to a dump and helped serve a meal to the people who scavenged there. I went to a prison and worshiped God with the female prisoners. All around us females could hear the men of our group singing and worshipping the Lord with the male prisoners. We did so many other things that I had never done before. Way out of my comfort zone, but I am glad I went.

BP was fine at home with HP. They had fun, played with cousins, had M come down for a few days, and went out to eat. 🙂

BP went out of her comfort zone this year as well. She’s not a big fan of change, but she has handled some transitions very well this year. She has started attending Sunday School at our church. She loves it. She is taking ballet classes. She loves it. She attends Kids Club at our church. She loves it. She started a new curriculum for school. And she loves it (at first she hated it though).

HP went further outside of his comfort zone. He continued his Bible study with the homeless. He stayed home with BP for the week I was gone. He baptized a few of the homeless that he had been meeting with on a regular basis. He also went on a mission trip to El Salvador. While there he went on home visits, practiced his Spanish and helped build a retaining wall. He preached his first ever sermon in El Salvador.

All in all the year was one of stepping where God lead us. The mission trip I went on was announced the day after HP talked to me about going. BP attending Sunday School was because we switched to a different campus of our church and one of her favorite people turned out to be her teacher. HP moved the Bible study from outside the library to our new church location leading to a more formal study.

Not all of our times were good last year. I would be remiss if I did not remember my cousins’ son who fell through the ice and passed away at the young age of 4. I don’t want to forget MS who passed away of a drug overdose. Nor shall I forget SG who left this earth before being able to watch his children grow.

The things I want to remember from last year are: helping watch the kids at MOPS. Helping at a one day a week camp for inner city kids throughout the summer. Transitioning to a new curriculum where I am learning right alongside with BP. I guess the bottom line is: it was good to get out of our comfort zone, but I really enjoy our every day lives and am glad I get to continue in it.

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