Seasonal Produce Sorted by Color – Fall

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I’ve been writing in (in my head) about our food journey and someday will put it down here on ‘paper’.  For now I would like to share my Produce list.  Very few diet plans (ways of eating) eliminate eating fruits and vegetables, so I thought this list might be helpful to some people other than just me. 🙂

We are told to eat 5 a day… eat our colors…. eat clean produce or organic if it is considered part of the dirty dozen, and so on.  We are also told to buy in season.   I’ve looked and looked and I could not find a list that combined everything all in one.  So I present to you: my produce list for the fall.  These are the items that are in season, marked with a (c) if they are considered clean (don’t need to buy organic), or a (d) if they are considered dirty (buy organic if you can afford it).  They are listed by color and then alphabetical in their group of color.  Whatever that means. 🙂

**Please note: I am not perfect – some of these I have never heard of – so if I got their color grouping wrong, I am terribly sorry.  I will be happy to fix it if you let me know.


Vegetables Fruits
Color Name Color Name
Blue Belgian Endive Blue Huckleberries
Blue, Green, Red, White, Yellow Swiss Chard Blue Dried Fruit
Blue, Green, Red, Yellow Bell Peppers (d) Green Avocados (c)
Green Arugula Green, Purple, Red Grapes (d)
Green Beet Greens Green, Red, Yellow Apples (d)
Green Bok Choy Red Cranberries
Green Broccoli Red Pomegranate
Green Broccolini Red, White, Yellow Asian Pears
Green Brussels Sprouts White Bananas
Green Butter (Bibb) Lettuce White, Yellow Passion Fruit
Green Celery (d) White, Yellow Pears
Green Celery Root Yellow Cape Gooseberries
Green Endive Yellow Kumquats
Green Kale (d) Yellow Quince
Green Leeks Yellow Lemons
Green lettuce Yellow Papayas (c)
Green, Purple Cabbage (c)
Green, Red, Yellow Hot peppers (d)
Purple, Yellow Carrots
Red Radicchio
Red, White, Yellow Onions (c)
White Cauliflower
White Daikon Radish
White Jerusalem Artichoke
White Jicama
White Kohlrabi
White Mushrooms (c)
White Parsnips
White Shallots
White Turnips
Yellow Acorn Squash
Yellow Buttercup Squash
Yellow Butternut Squash
Yellow Pumpkin
Yellow Sweet Potatoes (c)
Yellow Winter Squash

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