You Only Turn 60 – 3Xs?

What – wait a minute?  Who turns 60 twice, never mind 3 times?  My Mother, yep – you heard me, my mother.

See, it’s like this: 2 years ago my mother lived with HP, BP, and me.  We went out to buy candles for her 59th birthday and couldn’t find a 5.  So we bought a 6 and a 0 and told her we were celebrating early. 😉

The following year (last year) Mother was very sick.  As in: how long will she live and should we give her a feeding tube sick?

It turns out that Mother was living with my SIL and neither one could figure out how old Mother was.  They celebrated Mother’s 60th birthday right before she was admitted to the hospital and then a rehabilitation center.

Mother fought all odds (as she has for the last 30+ years as she was given only 6 months to live in 1983), and has made it to yet another birthday.

Now mother is living with my other SIL, and SIL2 wants to celebrate her 60th birthday seeing as Mother didn’t really get to celebrate it last year.

Therefore you really can celebrate 60 – 3xs. 😀


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