The Three Legged Zebra

BP is playing in her bedroom today.  She played very happily for several minutes until she begged to play with the decorative Noah’s Ark we have had for 3ish years. (BP is only 2)

First – I would like to know who gives a child a decorative Noah’s Ark set and expects it to ‘live’?  I know the answer, but I still shake my head….

Noah’s ark has been played with several times, and each time legs, heads, and other appendages have been lost.

Today BP was playing with the Zebra.  He lost his leg.  It’s a good thing the set comes with two of every animal.  As BP was working herself up – I suggested she find the other zebra and play with him.

BP found the other Zebra and I couldn’t help but laugh as we both realized – he only had 3 legs too.

Now they match. 😀

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