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A Great Way to End The Year

Today’s conversation with BP right after nap time: BP: It’s pillowtalk time WP: Okay, what do you want to talk about? BP: Jesus Aw, I love this kid so much! Happy New Year everyone!

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Love People, Not Things

I’m not really sure what I want to say here.  I started this post a few days ago and saved it as a draft, yet it did not save.  So I am starting over. Once upon a time HPs M … Continue reading

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Saturn & The Moon

The Daily Post/Photo Challenge 

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The Story

Recently I started telling BP THE story.  If I try to tell her a different one she says: No, sin story.  Here is what I typically tell her. Once upon a time there was: Nothing.  Except God.  Because He always … Continue reading

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The Three Legged Zebra

BP is playing in her bedroom today.  She played very happily for several minutes until she begged to play with the decorative Noah’s Ark we have had for 3ish years. (BP is only 2) First – I would like to … Continue reading

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You Only Turn 60 – 3Xs?

What – wait a minute?  Who turns 60 twice, never mind 3 times?  My Mother, yep – you heard me, my mother. See, it’s like this: 2 years ago my mother lived with HP, BP, and me.  We went out … Continue reading

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