I don’t use twitter, and I probably never will.  IF (and that’s a big IF), I ever used twitter I am guessing I would frequently use the following #notanurse.  Today was the perfect example of why.

A little background for you: my M has had a cut on her toe for 4+ months that just won’t heal.  We have done the treatments – soaking in bleach, soaking in water, soaking in Epsom salt.  We have put lots of different 3-in-1 type things on it.  4 rounds of antibiotics.  It still won’t heal.

Today we went to visit the podiatrist for the second time.  Last time he cut off part of her nail and today was a check-up on it to make sure it was healing.

As I sit in the chair waiting for the doctor to arrive I feel a little cramped.  I look to my right and the exam table is right.there.  I look to the left and a tray of tools is right.there.  I look straight ahead and M in her wheelchair is right.there.  If I was claustrophobic, I would be feeling it right now.

The doctor arrives and squeezes into the room and sits on a stool in the only open spot left in the room.  As he examines M’s toe he discusses cutting, cauterizing, stitching, and all sorts of other yucky things.

He pokes and prods.  Blood is now dripping on the floor.  He turns to me and asks a question.  Mid sentence he quickly asks me: “Are you ok? Your coloring isn’t looking so good”.  I say I’ll be okay – but there’s a reason why God called him to be a doctor and he called me to be a mother.

As he wraps the toe he glances at me again and kindly requests: if you are to faint – please fall to the right and not to the left.

Apparently I wasn’t looking so good right then. #notanurse  Nor will I ever be one.

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