Always an Adventure

As a parent, some days are an adventure, and other days are more of an adventure than usual.

No days are boring.

Today BP and I went to the store and a package of pull-ups caught BP’s attention. I explained that they were for when she would begin toilet training. Next I noted for her that the princesses were on the pull-up. If she peed in the toilet the princesses would stay, if she didn’t the princesses would go away. She said OK. As if she understood and agreed that that made sense.

Later, when we were home, I heard BP go into the bathroom and move her stool around. I figured she was just playing with her stool. Then I heard the toilet open. Then I heard dripping water.

In shock I arose and went to see if she had really peed in the toilet all by herself.

No, no – I was sadly mistaken.

BP had stripped Barbie of her clothes and was washing Barbie’s hair in the toilet.

Some days are an adventure – others, more so.


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