Feed the Birds…

Today I finally was able to bring BP to feed the birds.  I had a stack of bread heals saved up, the weather was perfect, and everyone was changed, dressed, and fed in a timely manner.

I packed up BP and the supplies we would need and off we went.  It was exciting just getting there – we saw a policeman directing traffic, big trucks, buses, and horses.  When we arrived we saw a firetruck with his sirens going.  Woo HOO

We fed the ducks and pigeons, saw rats, and another unidentified animal.  We said hi to lots of people.  We ran, we walked.  We shared our bread heals with other kids, a man shared his bread with us (all for the ducks of course). 

As we got in the car to go home I let BP beep the horn.  She was thrilled!

BP asked for her shoes off so she could play with the window controls with her toes (they are in the middle console for the backseat windows and she can j.u.s.t. now reach them with her toes).

Driving home BP and I chattered away.  We saw trucks and cars and people and horses, oh my.

I asked BP what she was going to tell HP she did today when he asked.  Her answer:

Window down with toes

Hmm, I could have stayed home in the driveway eating the bread heals myself and it would have been a perfect day as long as BP could roll her windows up and down with her toes…

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