Future Business Idea

So today while I was changing Dyps (diapers) I came up with the most awesome idea.  It all started with BP being so happy to have Zebras on her Dyps instead of circles.  I thought – why can’t we get a little more creative with these things.  Here are my ideas:

1. A picture of a crocodile head on the outside of the Dyp and on the inside – – wait for it – – his mouth.  Teeth, and tongue, everything.  Then if the wearer is cranky they can say someone is nipping at their behind.

or how about

2. On the inside of the Dyp pictures of ANTS.  Then if the wearer is wiggly they can legitimately say they have ants in their pants.

Last, but not least

3. On the inside of the Dyp – Cheerios. 🙂  Then when you are changing said Dyp you can ask: Who peed in your cheerios?


That’s all for now folks… Good night

P.S.  These ideas are available for children AND adult dyps. 😉

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