As a parent there are things we hope to remember for forever and things we would love to forget.  This – this moment I hope I remember for forever.

HP: BP ask Mumma when you are the store to get cake and poptarts, ok?
BP: ‘KAY  YAY cake YAY popcarts
WP and BP go to the store
WP heads straight to the cake department and loads ‘the’ cake into the cart.
WP proceeds to pick out the items she actually was going to the store for
WP comes to the poptart aisle

WP: BP – is this what Daddy wanted?
BP: No, no (waving of the hands) no popcart no popcart
WP: You don’t want poptarts?
BP: No no no
WP: *Putting poptarts in the cart gives BP a shocked look*
BP: No no no *wailing starts******

WP: (thinking to herself) Do I really want to pick a fight with my 2 year old over poptarts where I want to buy them and SHE doesn’t?

WP: (Shrugs, and puts the poptarts back on the shelf)
WP and BP gets strange looks from the other people in the aisle who watched the exchange.

Oh well – no popcarts for us.

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