Tonight I am going to a birthday party for an 18-year-old friend.  Her Mom asked that every guest write down some advice for the ‘birthday girl’.  Here’s my advice to AM:

Ever since your Mom mentioned your party to me I have thought of what ‘advice’ I would give you.  What would my 36-year-old self like to have been able to tell my 18-year-old self?  I have so many thoughts (as do all of your friends and family here) but, I keep coming back to this one (or two – not sure yet).

AM – be who you are and be a wonderful you.  Enjoy who you are at this moment.  You are single – enjoy it, take advantage of it.  You are finishing up school – enjoy it, get everything you can out of it.  Heading off to college in the next few years? Choose wisely based on you and what God desires for your life.  Enjoy it.

Don’t wish to be in a different place, different age, different category of relationship.  Be content with who you are and how God made you.

Do things because you want to and God wants you to.  Not because other people expect you to.  (Except for chores at home – do those even if you don’t want to. 😉 )

AM – be you and be the most wonderful you you can be.

That’s the advice I plan on sharing tonight. The advice I wished I had heard and followed even before I was 18.  6, yeah – that would have been the best age for me to have heard this advice and followed it… maybe even younger.  **I meant to write 16, but 6 came out – maybe that is the age I should have followed this advice. 😀

Everyone – be the best you you can be.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Thought provoking read. Feel free to share your inspirational posts at Godinterest (the Pinterest for Christians). God Bless Your Ministry

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