Moving the Work Around

I read a blog post today about reading your Bible daily.  Actually it was about the fact that most Christians DON’T read their Bible every day.

While I agree that we need to read our Bible in order to get to know God.  I disagree that we need to: ‘read our Bible and pray every day to grow, grow, grow…’

I talked to HP about it and this is the sum up of what we think.

Most religions encourage people to work for their salvation.  Christians are big into saying that they are saved by grace alone.  BUT then they place a high importance on tasks that need to be done every day (reading your Bible/praying).

The thing is, they are moving the work around.  They are acknowledging Christ’s work on the cross, but are putting pressure on Christians to stay in God’s good graces by reading His Word and praying.  It doesn’t work that way.  Christians need to finally stop adding all the extra rules and ‘traditions’, and allow Christ’s work on the cross to be what it is: All we need.  The complete and finished work.

Christians: please read your Bible and pray, but for the right reason.  To get to know God.  Not to check a box, or add to the work that has already been done.

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