The Mind of a Two-Year Old

I often wonder how BP makes decisions.  Sometimes it works out sometimes, it doesn’t.  on this particular day…

BP and I usually wash dishes together.  Good quality time together (provided I have the patience needed 😉 ).  On this particular morning the sun was shining in the kitchen window… And here is what happened:

  1. BP sees that I am washing dishes
  2. BP drops whatever she is doing and grabs her chair
  3. BP pushes her chair over to the kitchen sink so she can stand on it to help me
  4. BP climbs on the chair
  5. BP starts screaming SHADE SHADE (her word for sun??)
  6. BP quickly gets down from the chair while crying
  7. I explain that I can’t fix the sun shining in her eyes while she helps
  8. BP looks around the kitchen
  9. BP notices 1 chair (in the far corner of the room) not in the sun
  10. BP pushes another chair out of the way and grabs the sunless chair
  11. BP pushes the sunless chair over to the sink while I try to explain that it won’t work
  12. BP happens to position the chair a little more to the right than usual
  13. BP climbs up on the chair and cheers because the SHADE is no longer in her eyes and she can help
  14. We finish the dishes together

Faulty logic + problem solver = a good laugh for WP and a happy dishwasher in BP.

Ah, the mind of a two-year old…

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  1. knross says:

    haha – our kids are smarter then us

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