Memories of Lent – Sort of


I don’t even really know what lent is all about.  So why are you writing a post about Lent, you ask?  Good question.

I’m guessing Lent starts today… tomorrow… soon.  Here’s the thing: even though I don’t know what lent is – I ‘celebrate’ it every year.  With memories.  And here is where I start.

Once upon a time there was a woman named JD.  She was awesome.  I worked with her and I would eat lunch with her every few days or so.  My first ‘encounter’ with Lent was because of JD.

On this particular day I asked JD if she wanted some chocolate.
JD: No, thank you.  I gave up chocolate for Lent.
ME: Huh?  Gave up chocolate?  Who does that?  And what is Lent? And how long does it last?
JD: Wha Wha WHa Wha Wha.
(She did actually speak, but because I don’t understand Lent, I don’t remember what she said.  All I know is: she gave up chocolate for it.  Poor lady.)

Back to the story.

So my thoughts on lent are actually thoughts of JD.  She was awesome.  Oh, I already said that.  She has since passed away. 😦 Every Lent I think about her and these are some of the fun memories I have of her.

Swear Swear Mutter Mutter
Ring Ring
Me: Hi JD (after looking at caller id)
JD: Help.  I lost my desktop.  I can’t find it anywhere.
Me: Your desktop? As in your computer?
JD: YES.  Could you just come over here and find it for me? Mutter, Mutter, Swear Swear
Me: (After I walked to her desk) JD, is this what you were looking for? (As I minimize the screen she was working on and her ‘desktop’ now is displayed)
JD: OH- there it is! You are such a darling! 🙂

**It should be noted that JD was in her 60’s when we hired her and was very willing to learn computers, but she was still learning.  **And she was short, thin, and a little ball of fun spitfire energy.

Next story:

JD: Fuming and angry
Me: JD, what is wrong?
JD: She stole my umbrella!
Me: Who did?
JD: SHE did.
Me: (Well, that narrowed it down)
JD: And if it’s in THAT CAR we will NEVER find it again.
Me: Oh, now I know who we are talking about and why you are so mad.
*We never did find that umbrella. 😉

Me: (Watching the scene before me)
JD: DM – who do you think you are? Telling me to do xyz!
DM: (As he towers over her) Your boss. (He said sweetly with a smile.)
JD: Oh, I guess you can tell me to do that then, huh?
JD: I don’t know how. (As she smiles back at him just as sweetly)
Me: (Ah, a fun day of training JD will be happening tomorrow. 😀 )

I could go on with stories, but I won’t bore you.  My point is: I celebrate Lent each year by remember the people who mean something to me and who had a positive impact on my life.  I’m not going to say I will write a note to them – because many of them have passed away – but, I will continue to take the time every year to remember who they were and what they taught me.

Lent this year brings an extra drop of sadness.  One of my favorite spitfire friends passed away this past weekend and her service was today.  I have good memories, but am sad that I will not see her on this earth again.

Goodbye little spitfires: you all are special to me and you are greatly missed.  I learned much from you both.

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