You’ve Got to Pick a Plot (or Two)

My MP has had MS for a long time.  As in 30 years+ long time.  When she was first diagnosed they gave her 6 months to live.  Her response: I won’t die until all of my kids are grown, married, and have kids of their own.

I always wondered if she would be literal about that.

I was the last to be married (almost 4 years ago), and BP just turned 2.  All of the rest of my siblings have been married for longer and have MANY more kids.

MP progressed in her MS significantly in December.  She is getting better(ish), but it was rough there for a while.

I was assigned the task of picking a plot.  As in burial plot.  Weird.  Aren’t you supposed to wait till someone passes before you pick a plot?  MP knows what we are doing.  She actual likes the idea of knowing where she will be buried.  Weird again.

Today is the day.  On this cold, rainy, raw day I’m going to go pick a plot for my MP who hasn’t passed away.  The one who beat the odds and lived 30 years longer than she was ‘supposed’ to.

The one who will probably live another 30 years because she decided she wants to meet some great-grandkids (her oldest grandkid is 11)…  Go figure.

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