20+ Years

Yesterday I was reading (well, really listening to) Genesis 27 and following.  This chapter always makes me laugh.  Not because of why most people would think.  Here, let me show you what always catches me and tickles my funny bone.

Genesis 27:1-4

Note the last phrase of verse 4: that my soul may bless thee before I die.

I know, I know – so what, who cares.  The guy is old and wants to bless his son before he dies – which will be soon.  Or will it?

So keep reading: Jacob goes away, yada, yada, yada…

He meets who he wants to marry, works for 7 years, marries the wrong girl.  Marries the right girls works for another 7 years.  Has a whole bunch of kids.

Jump all of the way to Genesis 31:38.  He has been there 20 years. 20, Twenty, 20 YEARS.

Jacob has more kids, wives die…

OK, keep reading. Genesis 35:27-29 Huh?  He meets up with his father?  Wait a minute!  The guy was on his death-bed – over 20 years ago.  Father, bless me before you die-> in 20 plus years.  Seriously?  That’s just silly talk right there.

I must say, I’m glad we don’t look ‘forward’ to our dying day like they did back then.  I’d have been in the grave for years already. 😉

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