I’ll never remember all that I want to remember from 2013.  I should have written it down as it happened. 😦

Here are a few funnies for now:

BP learned to say no.  It has since evolved into: No way.            Me: BP do you need your diaper changed? BP: No way 🙂

BP thinks stuffed animals need diaper changes too.  We have a HUGE Penguin named Jasper.  He doesn’t fit in the same size diapers as BP.  We ended up putting a pair of HPs undies on him, and telling BP that Jasper is potty trained and no longer needs diaper changes.  BP hasn’t tried to change his diaper since.

This is the first year that BP paid any attn to snow.  We suited her up, boots and all.  We held her hands and walked out into the snow – just a couple of inches.  She cried.  On a different attempt I found BP at the back door stripping off her clothes and trying to get back inside.  We haven’t attempted since.  Maybe next year.

BP saw a video of a Beauty and the Beast song.  She loved it.  Now she swings her arms (as if she is dancing) and points to the ceiling if she wants to watch the video again.

We took BP to her first movie in a theater: Frozen.  She hated the previews.  Loved the movie!  She asks for it over and over and over again.

One night BP brought us our shoes.  She put her own shoes on and then asked for her hat.  She then directed us to put on our hats and coats.  We went out to the car and followed her little finger to a grocery store.  She then cried when we told her it was already closed for the day.  She fell asleep on the 3 minute ride back home.


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