Have you ever played that game?  No.  Well stop reading – DuckDuckGo (I’m not a fan of ‘Google-ing’ things) that word and then come back and finish reading.

OK.  Now that you know what the game is all about, here is your word:



Ah, see I thought that’s what it meant too, but then I looked it up.  It doesn’t only mean perfect, blameless, or the ideal that we must try to reach.  *Which is what we are typically taught in church.

It also means: Dedicated to God.

Go ahead, look it up if you don’t believe me.

Now, I want you to try to have only the new definition in mind when you read these verses:
1 peter 1:15-17
Romans 12:1
2 Peter 3:1

And now read:
Revelation 4:8
Revelation 15:4

After I applied the definition of Holy (dedicated to God) to different verses it made living on earth so much easier.  God doesn’t expect me to be perfect, He knows I can’t be.  God wants me to be dedicated to Him.  And that –> that is something I can do.

Also read the book of revelation, replacing the word Holy with ‘dedicated to God’.  That makes living in Heaven (someday) that much more amazing. *The four beasts, day and night, saying: dedicated to God, dedicated to God, dedicated to God.

I encourage you to read God’s Word with the new definition in mind and see if it makes a little more sense to you.  I also encourage you to look up words as you read to see if you really do have the right definition in mind as you read.  It could be that we are missing out on some important truths because we are playing Balderdash instead of actually looking up the true meaning of words.

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