Peanut Butter

The other day HP and I took BP to the grocery store. As soon as we were safely in the store HP put BP down so she could walk.

And she did. She took off right away. First she took a left. Then veered to the right.

She was walking as if she owned the place.

BP marched her little body past the cookies, bread, crackers, jelly… Right up to the peanut butter. Skippy peanut butter. (We never buy Skippy).

With an excited glee, BP grabbed the biggest jar and tossed it into the basket. Next she grabbed a small jar and tossed that one in too. As she reached for another jar, I knew this needed to stop!

We explained we weren’t even here for peanut butter and we put them all back. She was not happy. 😦

Crazy child: peanut butter? Skippy?


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