Day 5: Facebook = No money, Surveys = $100 p/m

Joy unspeakable = Priceless

One of the things I thought about when I agreed to stop doing surveys/ check out FaceBook was: how much money am I going to lose out on?

I didn’t do the surveys for the money, I did them because I like to click on things.  Frankly, the money isn’t that good.  $1.11 per hour.  Approximately.

As I have been cutting out computer time I have been cutting back computer time for BP too.   Today we spent a ton of time outside.  We went on three walks.  And that doesn’t include the goofing off time getting ready to go on the walk.  You know: throwing the balls around, testing the stroller, picking up dirt/rocks/acorns…

BP smiles, but she doesn’t smile for the sake of smiling.  But today, on one of the walks, she just looked up at me a little sideways and grinned.  For no reason.  I didn’t try to make her laugh, she wasn’t waving at anyone, no puppies in view.  She just grinned.

Maybe it was because we were walking at her pace, picking up whatever she found interesting, and just having a grand ole time.

And then it hit me.  She was smiling for joy.  And so was I.  We were having fun together.  Not in front of a computer, but outside enjoying God’s creation.

And that, my friends, is worth more that $100 per month in Amazon gift cards.  In fact: It’s Priceless!

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