Day 4: I Will Go Anywhere, For You, Dear…

I know, I know – where are days 2, and 3?  In my head… Maybe they will come out someday soon.  Maybe not.

So when you aren’t taking surveys or looking at Facebook you have more time to read and think.  And when you have a BP – -> most of that ‘free time’ is spent thinking.  Or re-reading the same paragraph over and over again.  It doesn’t help that I’m trying to read Saint Augustine’s Confessions.  Wowzers.
A question came up in several different ways this week.  If I were to be asked by God to sell everything I had and follow Him: would I?

It’s one thing to say, I’ll serve Him.  I am serving Him.  But what are you truly willing to do to serve Him?

Would you really be willing to sell everything you own and move – -> to another country maybe, to serve Him.  If you had to go AND you could take some things with you, what would you take?

So I thought about all of this.  We just bought a new bed.  And I really like it.  Would I want to leave that behind?  I like my laptop – ALOT.  Would I take that?  I really like where we live?  Could I sell it and move?  Or would I want to try to rent it (have a way to go, but hold on to the house ‘in case’ things didn’t work out)?  What about my clothes, shoes, pots, pans, books, BPs things?  Am I really so attached to this world that I would go all the while looking back?  Wishing for the things I left behind?

My conclusion: I will go anywhere for you, Dear… (Not trying to be sacrilegious – sorry – it’s a song from Oliver Twist.)

And I would.  If God wanted us to move – anywhere – and leave everything behind.  I would.  And I wouldn’t look back.  I would hold onto BP and stand strong with HP and I would go anywhere – even to Timbuctoo (and back again).

What about you?  Where would you go for God?  What would you be willing to ‘give up’ for Him? Anything? Everything?

Are you willing to say: I will go anywhere, for you, God?

RE: Isaiah 6:8, Luke 9:23, Luke 18:22

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