Day 1: I will eat more vegetables!

Saturday night HP posed a ‘deal’ with me.  If I stopped using FaceBook and doing surveys he would give up Reddit (and all the other sites like that).  The goal: to spend our time more wisely.

I accepted the deal.

Yesterday at growth group someone mentioned living intentionally.  Living with a purpose.

Surveys are fun… Facebook is fun – -> But do they serve a real lasting purpose?  Are we using our free time productively?

Now there is nothing wrong with surveys, Facebook, Reddit, etc.  The problem lies where they are getting all of our attention and God is getting none, or very little.  How do you switch?  How do you go from silly wasting of your time to purposefully using your time?

I don’t know yet.

What I do know is it takes an effort.  It takes thought.  Which means it takes realizing that I had an addiction in the first place.  I did.  I do.  I kind of thought this might be a ‘trial’.  See if I could do it, and then go back to it without wasting AS MUCH time.  Today I wonder if that is possible.

Today I wonder if I can learn to use my time in a way that will honor and glorify HIM.  God.  That’s what (Who) this life is all about, yet we live as if it is all about me/us.

Hey, maybe I’ll use my time to learn to play the piano, or eat more vegetables. 😉 But for now: I’m off to dance with my BP.  Now that is a better use of my time for sure!



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