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This morning BP wanted to ‘feed’ her baby.  She put her baby in her high chair.  She strapped baby in, and she asked for food for baby.

After determining if BP was hungry too or not (she wasn’t really), I gave BP an empty bowl and a spoon so she could feed baby.

I didn’t pay much attention after that.

Later I went looking for the bowl and spoon.  The bowl was still being used and the spoon ended up in BP’s purse. (?)

For lunch today I gave BP a bowl of carrots which she took to her favorite eating spot – – > the front stairs.  I checked on her several times while I was washing the dishes.  After about 10 minutes BP wandered back into the kitchen.  I asked her where her bowl was.  She gave me ‘the look’.  You know, the blank stare that says: I heard you, but I have not deemed you worthy of an answer.

I asked her to go get her bowl and bring it to me. Pitter patter pitter patter.  Off she went.  It took a few minutes, but she finally came back with her bowl.  It was empty.  I suspected something was up.

I walked to the front stairs and there was her bowl from this morning filled with her carrots from lunch.

I had a good chuckle when I realized BP did what I asked – literally.  I asked for the bowl, not the carrots.  She wasn’t done with the carrots, so she moved them to a different bowl and brought me what I asked for: the bowl, and just the bowl…

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