Dear Mr. President,

While I am not a big fan of yours, I do try to respect the fact that you are the leader of our country.  I have noticed lately the news, and some writers, have been trying to defame your name.  Sir, it doesn’t appear that you are helping.


To the residents of the United States of America.  Today is Independence Day!  Happy Independence Day.  (At least it was when I started this post ;0 ) My desire is to help you think just a wee bit about what you are saying about our president.

I understand what the media is saying about our president puts him in a bad light, but do you realize the media (all media) has a bent to it?  Please don’t believe everything you read.  Also, please read the whole article –> right down to where it may (or may not) say: Political Satire.  If the article says that it is political satire, please do not offer the information as truth.  Other people may not read the whole article, they may just read your headline… which may have falsehoods in it.

I realize you may not like our president.  I’m not a fan of him myself.  BUT, and that’s a big BUT, please realize he is our leader.  We have a Christian duty to be subject to him.  (Romans 13:1)  Your attempt to tear down your elected leader is actually showing disrespect to God.

Everyone is created in God’s image.  (Genesis 1:26)  Therefore if you speak negatively about a person you are speaking negatively about God and His creation.

Proverbs 21:1 states: ‘The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will’.  As you speak poorly of Mr. president you are showing distrust for God’s control.  God knows who is ‘in charge’ of the USA, and God has a plan to use him in ways we may never know.

Sometimes we need to submit to people we don’t care for.  That group of people may very well be our government.  I know you think we have it ‘bad’, but please consider: the whole Bible…  Have you ever read about the captivity of Israel?  Or should I say captivities?  Seeing as it did happen often…  Have you noticed that in Matthew 2:16 Herod ‘slew all of the children that were in Bethlehem…’  That might compare to the freeness of abortions today.

Have you noticed that people were killed for their beliefs? Read Acts 8:54-60.  Yes, it happens here in America too.  We can compare our living situation to Biblical times, but I daresay – they had it bad compared to what we face today.

I realize that some people are thinking of two recent rulings at this point and saying: no, no, no – we have it worse now.

Consider Lot: where he lived was destroyed by God by fire because of the sin that was there.  Some of the sins committed there: men having sex with men.  Read Genesis 19.  And to make it worse: the only ‘just’ man offered his daughters to the wicked men in an attempt to keep them away from the men in his house.  That might compare slightly to the issue of gay marriage that we are facing today.  Or maybe it was worse back then?

As far as abortions… Bottomline the issue is murder of a child.  When does life begin? Conception.  Therefore abortion is the willingness to kill a child.  Let’s look back to the Bible.  Try… Exodus 1:15-16.  Or Matthew 2:16.  Or I Kings 3:16-28.  These are just a few examples of people killing (or being willing to kill) a child.  I’m not even touching on infant sacrifices spoken of in the Bible.  **Please note: God does not approve of killing children.  These passages are in the Bible for us to learn from, not for us to ‘copy’.

My point in all of this is: we might be going through tough times now (just as those in Biblical times did), but that does not make it right to lie about, and defame our president.

So, Dear Mr. president, I apologize for the untruths that have been said about you.  Also, for the jokes made about you.  Please know, not everyone is making fun of you and lying about you.  Would you mind doing me a favor?  Stop giving everyone fuel for the fire so to speak… While we shouldn’t be speaking evil of you, it would be great if you didn’t make it so easy to do so.

An American Citizen


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