Obadiah (Part 2)

Obadiah wrote it – but that’s about all we know about him
It was written about Edom – the descendants of Esau
It was written for Israel – to encourage them that their enemies would be punished for their actions against Israel.

The destruction of Edom

Edom (I kind of thought that would be obvious 😉 )

It isn’t clear when the book was written – I lean towards around the time of the destruction of Jerusalem.  The time frame of the fulfillment of this prophecy isn’t clear either.  What we do know is that the land of Edom was conquered by the Chaldeans and when Christ returns all those who were against God will be punished for eternity.

Esau was unkind to Israel on a number of occasions.  From the beginning there was issue in the relationship (their parents certainly didn’t help either).  The ‘main reason’ given in verses 10-15 is that Edom stood by and watched when his ‘brother’ was being invaded and captured.

Things to note:
Jacob and Esau were brothers making Israel (Jacob’s descendents) and Edom (Esau’s descendents) related – brothers

This book is written about Edom, but was meant to encourage Israel.  We can apply it to our lives by knowing God sees all things and the unjust will be punished.  Just as we aren’t positive when Edom was destroyed, we don’t know when the unjust will be punished.  This one thing is certain: When Christ returns–> The saved will be with God for eternity and the unsaved will be separated from God for eternity.  In my mind that is punishment enough for any unjust acts done to me.

Did you know that Esau married one of Ishmael’s (Abraham’s ‘other son’) daughters (Genesis 28:9)?  I always wondered why the thought process of hating Jacob’s descendants was passed down from generation to generation in Esau’s family.  The ‘hatred’ ran deep on both sides of the family.  Esau was rejected and his wife was the daughter of another man who faced rejection.

The theme verse is either 1, 10, 15, or 17.  I know, I know couldn’t I narrow it down more than that?  Nope, I can’t.  I t depends on through whose eyes you are reading this book.  Verses 1, 10 and 15 are for Edom.  Verse 17 is for Israel.

The conclusion: Even when we go through a difficult time (Israel’s captivity), God is working in and around our lives for our good.

Any comments? Anything you learned?  Let me know, I’d love to learn from you.


**Next up: Philemon


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