I wonder how many people out there would be interested in doing a Bible Study?  As in study the Bible – not a book about the Bible?  I think more people than I realize are interested.  But where do they all live?  And where can I find them?

I’m not even sure WordPress is a place I can find people interested in God, never mind actually studying His Word.  Maybe it is…

So for anyone out there interesting in studying the Bible – -> I’m going to start the easy way.  With the first book that has just one chapter in it. 🙂

OBADIAH.  It can be found on page: 1326 (LOL – at least in my Bible it is (this particular Bible anyway))

I’ll be studying from the King James Version of the Bible and will try to figure out the ‘theme verse’ in order to memorize it.

So for all of those who want to ‘attend’ a Bible study, but don’t think anyone else is interested: feel free to follow along – ->and to contribute.

I won’t be preaching/teaching.  I’ll just be sharing what I have learned, and hopefully learning from others what they have learned.  My goal is to study a passage/book for one week and then share what I have learned.

Here goes nothing… 😉

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