Mary, Mary Quite Contrary…

How does your garden grow?
With silver shells and cocker bells

Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right.

When we moved here a year and a half ago I was excited to have a yard. I was also tired from being pregnant. So I did very little yard work the first fall we were here. And then BP came. And I did very little yard work the first summer we were here. And then MP came to live with us. And I did very little yard work the second fall we were here.

And now it is this year. And it’s not even summer yet. That still confuses me. It’s hot = therefore it is summer. Nope, not officially. A couple more weeks and it will be.

Whew, that means I still have time to get the bulbs in the ground.

Speaking of bulbs – back to the topic of this post. The best I did in the last year and a half is rake most of the leaves and weed up front. Oh, and I thanked God we bought a house with a small plot of land. Not acres and acres of land just begging to be taken care of. Just a small square the perfect size for us.

But it needed (needs) help. It seems we are really good at growing weeds and ant hills. I dreamed of grass and flowers…

So I went online. I found this really cool site that was selling bulbs for cheap – real cheap compared to all of the other sites. Was I willing to risk our hard-earned money to see if these bulbs would really grow? Yep, yep I was. So I bought $80 worth. That would be 510 bulbs and 2 roots. Oh, what fun.

In my happy little mind that meant – – > dig 512 holes. Plop the bulbs in and call it a day. All in one day.

Hahahahahaha Hello – yard work has not been done here in over a year… I have to get the weeds out of here first. So I dug. HP dug. BP dug (not really helpful though). And then f.i.n.a.l.l.y I could plant. I planted the first bed rather randomly.

Oh – side note – I sorted the bulbs first. Because that is what I like to do. Sort things. Crazy I know. I had 6 beds to plant these guys in, 5 about the same size and 1 3x as large. So I wanted each bed to have a variety of flowers. The same exact amount of variety of flowers. Hey, whatever, I had fun sorting.

So I planted. First bed – random. Second bed – a little more organized. Third bed – um, I might have gotten a little more anal (can I use that word?). Forth bed – eh – I might be OCD. Fifth bed – I started making designs with the bulbs. Lines, and circles, and who knows what else. Sixth bed. I am now tired of planting bulbs. It was fun. Now I just want to be done.

The sixth bed is 3/5ths planted, but with only 1/2 the bulbs assigned to that bed. The rest of the bed where I need to plant… not even ready yet. But hey, I have 2 more weeks before the end of spring – plenty of time.

Scary thing is ‘something’ is already popping up in the beds we planted. Why is that scary? Because they look like miniature oak trees. Or are they maple trees? Either way – – they don’t look like flowers. And I am getting scared. Excited, but scared. And they are popping up in places I didn’t plant them. What are these things anyway?

Oh, boy, this might not be good.

Oh, a few weeks ago I posted a picture of green. I think it was cattails, but other people disagreed. Those guys disappeared – over the back fence. I still feel a little guilty. But they were ugly. U.G.L.Y!!! And now they live (or maybe died) over the back fence.

And my flowers (miniature trees of some sort) are growing – lots of them. I’m not sure if I got my $80 bucks worth yet, but it sure has been fun.

If they actually grow, maybe I will post pictures… maybe not – who wants to see pictures of little trees anyway?


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