Daily Prompt: Take Care

While this post doesn’t follow what I am supposed to write about, it does follow what the picture is supposed to be about – please forgive the rabbit trail. 😉

When HP and I were first married I wanted to do some volunteering.  He was all for it!  I looked at a number of places and finally picked two.  One of them I hated – not because of what it was, but because of some of the situations I was faced with.

The other one… Now that one was bea-u-ti-ful, simply bea-u-ti-ful.  I was used to an hourly paying job.  The kind that if you are a minute late it was documented.  The kind where if you left a minute early, it was documented.  At some point I became the documenter.  As time went on I lost the joy of working and my job became a job.  No work, no play, we fought all day.

And then the day came: I could volunteer.  No time clock.  No boss. No ‘late’.  No anything.  Everyone wanted to be there.  What an interesting environment.  It took a little getting used to actually.  Everyone laughed.  Everyone talked to each other.  There was no competition to ‘get ahead’.  Everyone took breaks together.  It was ‘perfect’ (if we got paid without anything changing THAT would have made it perfect. 😉 )

The place: IA
The time: Wednesdays 9-2 (or earlier or later – whatever you wanted)
Frequency: Every week (if you wanted)

What does IA do?  *This is where it fits into today’s ‘Daily Prompt’*
IA accepts donations from anywhere (mostly hospitals and nursing homes as far as I can tell) of supplies.  All sorts of supplies.  When I first started it seamed to be just medical, but since then it has branched out to educational, and agricultural too.

When the donations come in they are sorted (more on this in a minute).  Then they are placed on pallets based on need, and shipped to other countries.  These pallets consisted of the supplies needed to start (or replenish) a hospital, a school, or a farm.  The HELP was given to others to give them a chance to have better healthcare, a better education, or take physical care of their family, friends, and neighbors.

The goal was to give them a chance.  All given by donations and volunteers.

My ‘job’ was to sort what came in.  At first I sorted with a small (10 or so) group.  *There are about 175 volunteers at IA*  Then I noticed a room all by itself.  Supplies went in, but no one put them away.  GS started trying to put them away, but it was overwhelming and she was needed elsewhere.  I volunteered to put the room in order.  I wish I had taken before pictures, but here are the after pictures.  *See pictures of HELP* 😀

1222101050-00 1222101050-01 1222101050-02 1222101051-00Before I had started on this room you couldn’t even walk into it. WOW.  I had a grand time cleaning it up.  I was close enough to my group to still hear the chitter chatter, but I had a definite job to do.  And I loved it.

I got to volunteer until about 1 month before BP came.  Now I have a different ‘volunteer’ job.  A better one. 😉

Someday I will volunteer again.  Maybe not at IA, but somewhere.  Till then I will HELP where ever I can, whenever I can.

To my friends at IA: I miss you my dear friends, you are the best co-workers (volunteers) a person can have.


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