Tonight is the night of my first Lock-In as an adult.  Before anyone thinks I am doing something illegal… It’s a teen activity at our church.  Basically – we stay up all night.  I have no idea where the name came from.

As a teen I would participate in these every year (different name though).  I didn’t really care for them.  I just tried to find a pew to curl up on and fall asleep. Zzzz

This time – – > I am the adult.  Weird.  And the only female one (that I know of) that will be there.  I’m guessing I’ll be asleep, or wishing I was asleep, by 10:30.  I’ll start counting the hours left by 11, and getting verrryyyy cranky by 2. 😉

With that being said: I am actually looking forward to this.  The tables have turned.  I will be the one who is cheering the teens on and smiling inside because I don’t have to try to choke down a stale donut in the name of fun.  *It’s not fun!*  I get to watch. This, this is going to be fun.

What has been the most fun so far – and it hasn’t even started – is watching the boys (men) plan this party, ahem Lock-In activity.  They discussed a movie, food, games, weather, you name it they discussed it.  And when did all this discussing start taking place?  This week.  As in Sunday.  As in not even 6 full days ago.

Seriously?  My slightly OCD personality can’t take it.  Activities should be planned weeks, if not months, ahead of time.  Today they were still discussing the movie and the food.  The last email came in at 1:49 PM (it’s 3:18 PM right now), and they were still discussing food.  Who was getting what.


The thing is, I bet this will be the most fun teen activity ever.  Sometimes it isn’t the planning that makes it fun, but the people leading it.  If this activity is half as fun to be at as watching the ‘planning’ take place was, I am going to have a super-duper time! 😀

P.S. I sure do hope BP can sleep with all of the fun and games going on.

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