Morning Mommy Moment

It’s 5:38 AM.  I’ve been up for a while, and so has BP.  This is the 4th (at least) night in a row that I (or she) haven’t/hasn’t slept well.  And right now I am thankful for it.  I can’t say every day all day I have been thankful, or will be thankful, but right now – for this minute – I am thankful.

I have friends who have lost their little one.  I have friends who have had to have their little one in the hospital for days/weeks.  I have my little one right here, right next to me.  She is playing Angry Birds.  I know – bad mom – computer games at 5 something in the morning.  Yep, she’s happy, I’m happy.

Later we will go outside and play (and garden – but more on that in another post).  I’m not sure my neighbors would appreciate a happy, singing, laughing, screaming (in a good way) child at this time in the morning.  Besides, it’s really cute to listen to BP babble about what she is doing.

Every few seconds she looks at me and says (loudly) ababagabah bhaenasjhu nbadaeiun.  *She is only 15 months, I can’t expect understandable words to come out of her mouth. 😉

I can either complain about the lack of sleep, or thank God I have a beautiful child to take care of.  Right now I will accept all her hugs and kisses with joy and thank HIM who created her and entrusted me to watch over her.

I love this BP and pray that I remember to appreciate all of our special moments together.


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