What a Day! ;)

Today has been a rough day.  Oh, we all slept well, so it should be a good day… But it hasn’t been.  If we play upstairs – BP wants to be downstairs.  If we play outside – BP wants to be inside.  If we are eating – BP wants to comb her hair… with her spoon… all covered in Lima Bean Casserole.

I had a few small goals today:
Clean upstairs
Dishes – as usual
Re-pot my plants – all 8 of them
Plant in the rail planters/holders
Plant the sunflower seeds
Plant one of the roots in the big planter
Maybe, just maybe hoe up the two flower beds in back and get them ready for planting.

Ok, so maybe they weren’t just a few goals – > but I should still have been able to get them done, right?

Remember – we are outside, BP wants to be inside… That whole scenario allllll day long.  BP wanted my undivided attention.  I want to work so I could ‘stop and smell the roses’ once they are finally planted and blooming.  Work now play later.

So, you may be asking: what are you doing typing up a blog post if you have all of those chores to do and a 15 month old to chase around?  BP is sleeping.  In her crib.  I’d say this is a first but it isn’t.  It’s just highly unusual.  She likes to take naps on me and sleep for the night in her crib.  Most days – no big deal.  Today: I was going to get things done.  So for BPs second nap I slipped her into her crib and did inside chores till she settled down.

Then I went outside.  I was going to get so.much.done!  I had already finished chores 1-5, so really I just needed to get two chores done, maybe three.  I went to plant the sunflower seeds.  I couldn’t find my spade.  After 5-7 minutes of looking (and frustration increasing), I found it.  Right where I left it.  I  grabbed my spade, the seeds, and my yardstick.  Because everyone uses a yardstick to plant flowers right?

I managed to get the seeds planted.  Woo hoo!

Then I went around front to pick up the huge planter and bring it out back to work on it. I couldn’t lift it. Dope.  So I went back in to grab my spade – where did I leave that thing again?

I got my spade and went back out to the planter.  I started digging out the weeds and what not.  But I had no place to put them.  So I went to get a barrel.  *I’m starting to realize why it takes forever to get anything done…*

P.S. BP just woke up… :/ Oh, and I have checked on her many times in this process.

Back to my (sob) story.

Finally I had all the tools to dig, get rid of, plant, and move on that I needed.  I went to town digging in this planter.  I stuck in my yardstick and dope.  Only 4 inches deep.  There must be a false bottom because this thing is taller than 2 feet – at least.  I look at the root that I want to plant – the instructions say to plant it 6 inches deep.

Ugh, this one won’t work.  So I go inside (so glad I didn’t clean downstairs… There is dirt in there now).  I grab the other root.  I walk back outside and dig again in the planter.  I look at the instructions and realize this plant needs to be buried 4 inches deep.  And that’s all of the room I have.  This isn’t going to work either.

Annoyed I put everything away and decided to just do my blog run (and then write a blog post myself).  So here I am.  Typing away because I can’t be planting away.  You may ask: but, I thought you wanted to do some hoeing in the back.  Ah, yes, yes I do.  But now it is raining.  And BP is awake, and crying, because she woke up too early. *I’m getting really good at one finger typing. 😀

Sometime in the midst of all of this I was feeling sorry for myself.  I went to get Lenny (my laptop – don’t ask) and i stumbled upon a thorn.  My mind played the verses: a thorn in my flesh (not being able to get anything done), and: my grace is sufficient for thee (I’ll get done what really needs to get done).

Looking back at what I have accomplished today I did A-OK.  I did better than A-OK.  I met all of BPs needs (and most of her wants), I got done some of my wants.  And my verse memorizing helped me stop focusing on myself and start focusing on God and others.

Today isn’t looking so shabby after all.

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