Seesaw of Sadness

Lately I feel like I have been on a SeeSaw of sadness.  Happy one minute, sad the next.  It must be the weather, or the news, or something…

I was listening to 1 Samuel today (or was it 2 Samuel?), and I heard the word ‘encouragement’.  It caught my attention, because that’s what I need a little of today.  Or maybe I need to give a little of that today…

There is nothing wrong with needing encouragement.  If there was, why would God mention for us to encourage each other 32ish times in the Bible?  I have found that if I reach out and encourage others I tend to be encouraged myself.  Maybe that is the way God intended it to work?

As we reach out to One Another in the many ways we are commanded to our joy will increase.  As we worship our Creator as we are intended to worship Him, our joy will increase.  And with joy – we will be encouraged.

Examples of what we should do with/for One Another (from the Bible):

  1. Sing with
  2. Weep with
  3. Speak to
  4. Sharpen
  5. Lift up
  6. Show kindness
  7. Show mercy
  8. Speak the truth
  9. Wash their feet
  10. Love
  11. Show Honor
  12. Live in harmony
  13. Welcome
  14. Don’t judge
  15. Instruct
  16. Wait
  17. Comfort
  18. Serve
  19. Fellowship with
  20. Show hospitality
  21. Pray for
  22. Encourage
  23. Exhort
  24. Build up
  25. Teach

That’s certainly not all that we are to do for One Another, but it certainly will help me get off this seesaw of sadness and help me to focus on God and others.

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