Hairy Scary Eyeball

LOL!  Today’s daily prompt is: Feed Your Senses

Pretty much what is the first thing you ‘sensed’ this morning.  I laugh because HP has a LARGE collection of pictures of my eyeball.  NO.ONE needs to see that first thing this morning.  Very, very tempting to post one anyway. 😀  **He only has these pictures because I tolerate picture taking for a short while, and then I move closer so that all he can take a picture of is my eyeball.**

The first sound we heard was BP crying.  Not really sure I want to write about that either.  This kid hates to sleep.  She goes to bed at 9:30-10:00 PM and is up before us at 6 AM almost every morning.

So that is sight and sound gone…

Smell – -> we had pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Mmm, what a delightful smell!  I’ll go with that one.

I present to you: Sight and Smell

BP’s eye -like mother like daughter.  Because someone’s eyeball needs to be pictured here.


And Breakfast – mmmm 😀


If I could figure out how to get a voice memo posted on here I would have sound too. 😉

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