I Spy With My Little Eye

I’ve wanted to be so many different things in my life… A lawyer, a teacher, a writer, a musician, or even a private detective. Whenever HP and I come across something I enjoy (and am good at) we say I missed my calling in life.

With that said: if I could choose just one thing knowing I would not fail, I would choose to be a private detective. I love research, I love watching people (I really need to get a pair of binoculars) and I love doing both together!

As for why I never tried that path of life… I never realized it was an option. I never thought I could succeed at much. So I chose the easy path. The path trampled done and trodden by so many others.

I didn’t grow up believing ‘I could do anything’, so I never tried. BP will have a different upbringing. I can’t wait to see what she tries (even if she fails). Maybe, just maybe, she will become a private detective. Till then: I’ll go searching for that pair of binoculars –> maybe even one with a camera attached?!


P.S. I do love being a wife and mommy – hopefully I am succeeding at that. 😉

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Wife Person to a wonderful Husband Person. Mother Person to a wonderful Baby Person.
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8 Responses to I Spy With My Little Eye

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  3. marymtf says:

    I loved being a wife and a mum and now i love being a grandma (though I haven’t given up the other two). Having said that, your life is not over yet, so put the binoculars on hold for a while, but don’t give up that dream. 🙂

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  6. Now how you feel. There is so much I want to be and try… “Success would not exist without failure” so if you think you’ve failed at something, you probably have succeeded at another which would probably be a mummy! ;). Ohh, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Much appreciated!

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