What’s in a Title/Name?

Yesterday I was browsing ‘Freshly Pressed’.  As I scrolled through the options to read I noticed that I only stopped to read the ones with a title that caught my attention.  *When I have browsed by category the same has held true.*  The only other thing that would entice me to read an article was the name of the blog.  *Now that I have written more of this post I realize just how important a blog’s name is –> see below.

So what is it about titles that catch our eye?  Why is a title so important anyway?  What about the name of our blog?  Does it have any significance?

Titles pique our interest, or at least they should.  We scan looking for something we are interested in.  If the title is entertaining, we assume the post will be too.  Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

Titles are the eye-catchers.  The first sentence makes or breaks it, and the first paragraph determines whether or not we will finish reading the post. (Usually… some posts are just too long and take forever to make their (there?) point.)

Now the name of the blog… That can be the fun part.  Some people name their blog after themselves.  For example: http://Harbin77.wordpress.com.  (*Not referenced with permission – I’ll un-reference you if you want me too).  They probably tell people they know about their blog.  **It is a fun blog to read. 🙂

Some people name their blog in reference to their subject.  For example: http://softwareengineersfieldguidetobugs.com/ Now, you can’t get much more clear than that.  I know exactly what that blog is about.  Another good example is:  http://UrbanWallArt.wordpress.com (one of my favorite names of a blog (although, I must admit, every time I see it I think: Urban Wallet and smile) (*Not referenced with permission – I’ll un-reference you if you want me too).

Another way people name their blog is in the creative fashion.  For example: http://unfathomableamountofcrazy.blogspot.com/   (*Not referenced with permission – I’ll un-reference you if you want me too).  Now there is a fun name – and it gets your attention.

As you can see titles in relation to blogs are important.  So please, have fun with your blog name, and the titles of your posts.

P.S. I have fun with my titles, and I do know they aren’t always eye-catching, but hey, I have fun and that’s what matters.

P.S. II I didn’t even get into work titles or naming babies… (and there are some oddly named children out there!)

P.S. III My blog name stands for: Husband Person, Wife Person, Baby Person.  I’m not sure if that falls under creative or naming it after myself? 😉

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