Daily Prompt: Memories For Sale

I am so excited.  We are going to visit Uncle K and Aunt W down south.  I sure do miss them.  It’s quite a long way from where we live, so we will be making a few stops.  One in PA to visit DMO, and one in GA to visit E&EC.

While in GA we take a little tour of the different places I lived.  This one for a year, this one for a few months, and that one for a few months also.

As we are headed back to E&EC’s house, I notice a yard sale.  Although, down there it is called a lawn sale…  We decide to take a quick peek.

As we search through the items, I stop to peek at the books.  HP and BP continue on.  As I flip through the books I recognize the cover of one.  As I reach to pick it up, I hear the excited squeal of BP.

My mind whirls back 15 years as I open the cover of the book.  I recognize my own handwriting.  The book I now held had been discarded with so many items when I was moving from the South to the North.  I could only take with me what would fit in my car (Pearl).  This book was one of many that could not come, but it was the only one that I thought about for many years.

I read the first entry and smiled.  I had always wanted to be a poet/songwriter and here was the earliest collection of poems I had written.  In that moment I was transported back in time to when I had written those dear words.  The memory, bittersweet, was etched in my mind forever.

I realized in that moment I liked my future, the here and now, so much better than what had been my past.

I place the notebook back in the box with a final goodbye to the past.  As I stood to look for HP and BP, BP came toddling toward me with yet another piece of my past.  She happily handed me Sunny, one of my stuffed animals from so long ago.

I smiled and handed Sunny back to BP.  Maybe some things from the past aren’t so bad after all.

The End

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