Yesterday and today I had the chance to work out in the backyard.  As in clean up the yard – not as in jumping jacks or any other weird exercise thing.  As I was raking I thought of all that we are going to do this year.  You see when we moved here the yard was pretty, pretty.  But last year I was busy, busy and I didn’t get to spend much time in the yard.  So here we are this year.

We have already put some work into the front yard, but if I am working alone I like to work in the back.  Only because ‘someone’ likes to play on the road and I can’t keep track of her and work at the same time.

Today I raked and cleared vines off of 2 1/2 sections of the fence.  Boy are those vines determined to be on that fence!  I have 3 more sections to go.  I hope I can finish them in time to put more work into the front of the yard this weekend.

And then… the bulbs should be here for planting next weekend.  Bulbs?  Yep, we ordered 512 bulbs!!!  I am so excited I just went and looked at the order again. 🙂  I even copied the pictures into a word document so I could look at them over and over and over again.  Here is what we ordered:

anemone blanda, anemone coronaria, crocosmia lucifer, ranunculus (yellow, orange and a mix), allium moly, hemerocallis daylily, iris holandica autumn princess, freesia single yellow, solidago vigaurea goldenrod – -> we had no idea what we were doing, but we had fun and it will be colorful

I’ll see if I can get a picture of the bulbs when they come.

This is going to be so-much-fun!

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