The Meeting

Dear HP,

Tonight we were supposed to go to a town meeting together.  I had already brushed my teeth, combed my hair, put my shoes on, put BP’s shoes on, and put a sweater on BP.  But alas, here I sit and there you sit (at the meeting – at least i hope you got a seat).  What happened?  Oh, I remember…

BP was a little cranky.  You had sat down to play the piano.  She asked to be picked up, so, of course, you picked her up.  BP laid her sweet little head on your shoulder and fell sound asleep 5 minutes before we needed to leave.

So here I sit with BP sleeping on my shoulder (an hour later), and you are at the meeting.

I’m kind of jealous.  Not envious.  They are two different things.  Envious would mean that I wish that I was at the meeting and that you weren’t.  Which was an option – but we decided that you should/could go.  I’m jealous, not because you got to go to the meeting, but because I wanted to go with you.

Life is just so much fun when I get to experience it with you.  That’s the thing.  going to the meeting would have been fun, but it would be so much more fun with you.  I’m happy you got to go, don’t get me wrong.  We made the right decision… But I was looking forward to going with you.  To watch you watch everyone.  To quietly discuss what was going on.  To roll our eyes together at some of the silliness going on.

Ah, just to be with you to experience our first town meeting.  Let’s face it HP, I just love being with you to experience everything there is to experience. 🙂

So here I sit, enjoying holding our BP, eagerly awaiting your arrival home so I can hear all about the meeting.

I love you HP.  I can’t wait to see you soon! 😀

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