Which way do I go? Which way do I go?

For years, while driving, I could not figure out what to do when I came across a squirrel trying to cross the road.  Sometime I would slow down.  Sometimes I would stop (only if no one was behind me).  Sometimes I would just keep going and hope for the best.

HP introduced me to a new way of dealing with it.  If I saw a squirrel ahead of time: honk.  It will pick a path and you pretty much will never run over it.

Today – -> I failed to honk.

I was driving back home and I saw 2 squirrels playing in the road.  There was a cat keeping an eyeball on him too.  As I approached the cat got out-of-the-way.  One squirrel got out-of-the-way.  The other one…

We played “dodge ’em”.  I won.  Sort of.  The squirrel died 😦  And my car tires have squirrel guts on them.  Yuck!

I did giggle that the living squirrel did not stick around long and the cat sat on the side of the road watching the dead squirrel.  What was that cat thinking?  Hmmm, lunch?

The moral of the story: honk when you see a squirrel and you may not have to get squirrel guts on your tires. 😉


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