Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

I quietly giggled to myself as I watched my boss pull into the parking lot.  He would never guess it was me.  The season: Fall.  He had just gotten back from vacation, and was always ‘all business’ the first day back.  I listened as he stepped, stepped, stepped toward his office.  And then I heard: Ahhhhhhh.

Several people jumped up to see what was going on.  Not me, I just kept plugging along at my job.  He came flying out of his office and started asking people: Who did this?  Did you do this?  He asked the most obvious people first.  Then he came into my ‘room’.

I shared my office with 2 other people (and the kitchen).  He came to the first desk and asked the girl sitting there what she knew.  He asked the guy who sat behind me. Neither one knew anything.  I just kept working…

In frustration he climbed up the stairs to ask the sales guys up there what they knew.  No one knew anything.  As he went back to his office to clean up (and make a few more calls to try to get info), I laughed.

The entire day he asked different people, but he never once asked me.  I avoided his office all day. 🙂

At 5:00 PM, when it was time to leave I went to his office to say goodbye for the day.  As I glanced around I could see he wasn’t able to get all of the hundreds of tiny plastic spiders I had ‘decorated’ his office with.

I smiled and asked if he ever found out who did it.  As he half-grinned and said no, I pulled the almost empty container out of my pocket and placed it on his desk.  As he picked up the container with just one spider left in it, he looked at me in shock.  “It was YOU?’, he asked.

Yes, yes it was.  As I was leaving I mentioned he never once had asked me if I had done it or if I knew anything.

The few people who were in his office laughed as I wished them all a great night – -> wearing a great big smile.

*I once read: never underestimate the quiet ones.  On that particular day he did, and I got the last laugh.


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