Daily Prompt: The Little Things

The sky was blue, clear as could be.  It was late spring and the flowers were in full bloom.    The plant holders around the gazebo were empty as of the night before, but I was not worried.  Whatever happened, happened.  We left the church together and drove to his old apartment where we met up with his parents.  HP left to go to the park with the ‘guys’ while MIL and I stayed to get ready for the big day.  It didn’t take me but a minute to slip into my dress and add the necklace and bracelet MIL had given me for this special day.  The caterers were shocked at how quickly I had gotten ready for the special day.

MIL and I drove to the park and parked on the far side away from the gazebo.  As we walked the path around to where everyone was waiting we took pictures, we laughed, and we hurried along eager to continue our day.  The official photographers met us half way around and told us all was ready.  We took more pictures and then continued along.

As I slipped into the back of the line, waving to my family who were taking part in this moment.  I noticed the gazebo was now surrounded by flowers, some in carriers hanging on the rails, some tied to the posts.  Someone (or two) had taken special effort to make sure it was beautiful for our day.

I walked the aisle with REC at my side.  We laughed and smiled as we always did when we were together.  I looked up and smiled from ear to ear – HP was waiting for me.  Songs were sung, words were said, vows were made.  And then: a small round ‘little thing’ was placed on my finger.  It wasn’t shiny (I didn’t want it to be), and it wasn’t showy.  It was small, plain, and perfect.

It’s a little thing, but it means a lot.  It doesn’t define who I am, it tells of the man I love who loves me back.  I can’t wear it every day (who ever heard of being allergic to your wedding rings??), but when I can it makes me smile.  It may be a little thing –> the ring AND the ability to wear it, but it makes the world of a difference to me.

I love you HP,
Your one, your only WP



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